Monday, 19 September 2011

All Star Converse and TOP SHOP sneakers

Hello everyone,
All star converse are the most awesomest ones ever.I love mines soooo much and they are super comfy . They are made out of canvas and have different shapes such as the high tops below and if you search google you may find some in boot shape or there are even some like pyjamas attached with the converse.For the past two years I always wanted them but now when I went Dubai I finally got them from the converse shop .I was so excited.Literally every single person in my school wears all star so I even got the black pair for school. My favourite ones are the turquoise high tops and unfortunately I left the pink hightops in Dubai :( . The red ones are not actually converse, they are sneakers , they were bought from Top Shop .I would only be excited to see these as they are very colorful but not only that , they are so comfortable you cannot even imagine . I went to the shoes store to find these shoes here but there are some dupes for these which are really not the same thing , except for how it looks . The high tops are AED 220 each and the low ones are AED 200 each , the red topshop ones are AED 150. You can order them online from or ebay or some second hand are even available at Itwar Bazaar but I am pretty sure you would not want to wear used shoes,who knows what kind of bacteria is in there!

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