Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mac Fix Plus spray review

Hello everyone,
  So today I am  going to review MAC's fix plus makeup setting spray.It is a transparent spray for all over the face and it works miracles.By that I mean for example if you have put too much foundation and you face looks pasty or if you have missed out something...maybe the face looks cakey and dull MAC fix plus spray is the boss.

How to use it

Just mist a twice on your face and , cover most of the area and it will give a natural glow plus set your makeup really really well. It will look like a professional makeover

Also you can mist it over a makeup brush before applying to that specific area and the brush will give smooth application!

Product : 5 out of five
Packaging : 5 out of 5
Quality : 5 out of five
Will i buy this again : ofcourse
Price: 4/5
I got this from a MAC store in Dubai for 88 dirhams that is PKR 2112, so yes it is a bit pricey but worth it. You might not like it for the price but it is a must have as I have stated before "it works miracles"
Thanks for watching , hope this review was helpful, stay happy and healthy , take care.
Fariya Khan (youngforeverism)


  1. i have it too and i really like it though i forget to use it most of he time :p

  2. is it available in karachi..?? and have u used mac strobe cream.?

  3. is it available in karachi?and have u used strobe cream?

    1. I doubt if it is but you can check it out at Naheed Super Market , they once had it . No I havent used the strobe cream.

  4. Is it available in kasur and price plz?


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