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The importance of color wheel for a makeup artist / fanatic

Color wheels help makeup artists alot with undertones and products and colors which suit specific skin tones , though this color wheel is very simple , there a alot complicated ones too.

With the help of the color wheel you can figure out what foundations you need , what concealers you need , what color eye liner and eyeshadow would suit you eye color and what lipsticks to choose for a particular eye look. I never went to a beauty school but I am pretty sure they do study color wheels .

Warm colors are the ones which are more towards the reds , oranges , yellows giving the idea of colors that make up fire.., Cool colors are the ones which are more towards blue and purple and give an icy impression.
Pink i believe is although a very neutral color , its on the both warm and cool side.

Knowing your undertones:
If you have sort of bluish , purplish green veins showing from beneath the skin , you obviously have a cool tone , if you have greenish , yellow veins then you are warm toned.

Choosing the correct foundation for your undertone:
 If you are cool toned , then if you look on the color wheel blues and purples are almost opposite the yellow and orange tones , you will need a warm toned foundation that balances your skin tone and does not make you look too dull. It should compliment your skin tone. Pink based foundations and bases should work too , like my mom's Clarins Extra firming foundations (Clarins foundations are mostly pink based , they do not work for everyone but i'd suggest those to cool toned people) Other foundation for cool toned people include M.A.C Studio Sculpt and , M.A.C studio fix fluid , I believe they have distinguished them into cool tones and warm tones. Other drugstore foundations include Loreal true match foundations (the ones that come in the medicine bottle style , not the regular four shades one.) The Loreal ones actually come on over 20 shades for warm toned and cool toned people.
  If you are warm toned , I'd suggest something cool toned or blue - red based , something cool basically . Foundations for warm tones are again the M.A.C studio fix fluids and Loreal true match ones (the medicine bottle style)

Choosing the right concealer:
I won't spend a long time on this one . The same logic applies to this one. If you have bluish veins and dark circles you need warm toned , bright illuminating yellow - orange based concealers. If you are warm toned , you will need blue - red based concealers. Some all rounder concealers are Makeup Forever Camouflage palette (they come for all skin tones ranging from western to asian and dark). Victoria's secret camouflage palette ELF correctors , Jelly Pong Pong teint sublime.


Matching lipsticks with eye makeup looks:
This one is very easy , If you have done bluish , dark , black and dramatic makeup , nudes , bronze , coppers and orange toned lipsticks would work (from reference to color wheel). IF you have done light makeup , its best you go with pinks , reds , purples or cool and dark tones.

Eyemakeup looks according to eye color/ eye lining according to eye colors:
Same is the story with this, opposite the colorwheel , if you have blues eyes , go with taupes , oranges , pinks...If you have green eyes , go with browns and purples , if you have brown eyes go with purples and green.

So the basic idea behind this is to choose colors which compliments your skin tone , eye colors and and so one and forth...

The idea behind what corrector is used for what purpose and what to wear in spring is somewhat based on the same theory.

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  1. Very interesting and helpful post specially the matching eye make up looks with lipsticks part . I never really thought of that from colour wheel point of view!


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