About me

Ok so my name is Fariya Khan, I am a O'Level student and yes I stay very very busy at times and there is hardly anytime to manage any other thing or recreational activities.When it comes to this blog I am not a professional blogger or a makeup artist,its just my passion for makeup as i feel creative while I am playing with it.I have took all the science subjects as I am looking forward to become an Orthodontist (of-course that is beauty related :P).I do know how to make websites from scratch but thanks to blogger  as it saves time.Thats all and I hope this blog is helpful,my vocabulary is pretty simple and very much understandable.Thank you for all the support and encouragement.Keep visiting youngforeverism.blogspot.com

My favourite singer of all is MICHAEL JACKSON and 90% of my music is his songs, he is truly worth the title of a legend and yes I am one of those girls who cry listening to his songs

I am currently using my sony cybershot (dunno d moadel lolx)
I use natural sunlight for the colors to show better...

I am a huge fan of Pirates Of The Caribbean , Iron Man , Superman , Batman , Spiderman , Thor (bacically a fan of superhero movies which should make a bit of sense in some scientific way)

I like mythology and history and so I love reading Percy Jackson , King Solomon's Mines and The Crucible.

T.V shows that I love to watch are and shows I listen to.

  • Simpsons 
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Spongebob
  • Tom and jerry
  • Ice Age is one of my favourite animated movies
  • Local Pakistani Dramas
  • The late night horror show at FM 105
I love To bake and paint . I hate physics , Hope thats enough :P