Monday, 16 January 2012

Catrice Lip Infusion Lip stain

Welcome the new brand to Karachi (i dunno about rest of the Pakistan. The brand is super affordable and nice quality and I suggest you to check it out at the Dolmen City Mall Scentsation.

The brand describes it as:
Longer lasting color, now! With the pen that gives lips semi-permanent definition, a light stain and pampers them with moisturizing ingredients – the new CATRICE Lip Stain! It offers the desired color infusion for our lips! Its fruity aroma lifts our spirits and is easy to apply thanks to the soft shape of the tip. Apply in several layers to intensify the color. Use waterproof remover to remove.
Available in a total of five colors.

My opinion:
When I laid my eyes upon these , I thought of the Revlon lipstains because this one comes In a unique marker , felt tip form. Revlon lip stains aren't available here so I just got these and I must say these are great! They give a nice hue of tint on the lips but if used too much then they can look a bit unnatural . It even has a nice fruity taste and smell . I think mine has a cherry one. I'd say they do not last for more than 2 - 3 hours and because of the taste some people might tend to eat it all up :P.It offers much quantity and has nice color pay off and pigmentation. The felt tip gives control , prevents smudging and saves alot of product. It moisturises the lips without giving the greasy or oily feeling.It is NOT waterproof at all. However if it is put on for long your lips absorb the color so then it stays.It comes in five different shades namely
  • Hollywood
  • Rose wood
  • Meet Mrs Roosevelt 
  • Dont Call me princess
  • The city.
I guess you can pretty much figure out the color by its name :P

Swatches and pictures:

Out of 5:
Product : 4.5
Packaging : 4
Quality :4.5
Price : 5
Overall :4.5
Will I buy again ? yes


Currently you can only find this at the Dolmen City Mall Scentsation for PKR 525 ($6) Catrice is not available in the US as U.S.A doesnt sell out of the country brands.

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  1. I saw Catrice at scensation and loved their prices. This looks great on you :)


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