Saturday, 31 March 2012

M.A.C eye shadow in "Cranberry" review .

After using the M.A.C brushes and some other products I realized that you really do get addicted to it because the quality and colors can lure you easily. A took a step forward and bought my first ever M.A.C eye shadow.

How M.A.C describes it :

Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Please note - Eye Shadows weight vary slightly based on the density of the product.

My opinion:
  I went to the M.A.C counter to search for "All That Glitters" , which is every girl's first M.A.C eyeshadow but unfortunately I searched each and every store which sells M.A.C and could not find it. Anyway I ended up getting "Cranberry" because it seemed so appealing.I was not sure if I was going to use it as it seemed to unpractical to wear( Its in the red family but kind of a plum) but as a makeup junkie I just bought it . This fact satisfies me that starlets , berry shades , purples and plums pop the brown eye color so I started lining my eyes with this shade . Since I got  M.A.C's "Expensive pink" I started pairing with it and now "cranberry" has become my crease color and I am happy it is getting used up and would not go to waste.
  Anyway coming back to it's quality . Obviously the quality is what everyone raves about. It is so pigmented. There is no fall out at all , the color payoff is nice but the only only problem is when I swatch it on my hand it appears to be a copper color but when i wear it on the eyelid it appears to be what the actual color is (plum red). You do not have to use a base underneath. It lasts for about 6-7 hours on the lid which is amazing. It does not crease at all. This shade is categorized as "frost" which means somethinf between matte and satin finish eyeshadow. Overall I am loving my first M.A.C eyeshadow.


There is  nothing wrong with the pics. When I swatch this on my hands this looks like a copper color.Actually its a plum red shade.

Natural sunlight. (wearing no makeup at all except for this eyeshadow)

I suggest you buy M.A.C from EBCO , this cost mr 2100 from there while when I bought another from Aghas it cost me 2300.

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  1. It's a gorgeous shade. Especially when paired with charcoal brown. Nice swatches.

  2. Im loving it!


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