Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tip of the day 15

Ever wonder what are the green ,purple and orange concealers in different concealer palettes . No green aliens ares using makeup I suppose but actually these green , purple and orange toned things are called "CORRECTORS." They are used for different sorts of imperfections on the face

The following colors are used for:
  • Green : Any redness or scars on the face or reddish colored pimples.
  • Purple: For pale areas on the face and to brighten up the face. Its mostly used around the T-Zone
  • Orange/ Rust : For blue areas on the face . Its mainly used on the under eye circles or visible capillaries and veins 

Some know corrector palettes are :
Makeup forever camouflage palette
Coastal Scents Camo Quad
Victoria's Secret camouflage palette
E.L.F studio skin corrector palette.
Karaja Concealers and correctors
JellyPong Pong teint sublime

And trust me , correctors make a huge difference in covering imperfections. At first you might get shocked with a green and purple face but after completing the base makeup you will see notice the best results ever . I do my mom's makeup. Two years ago when I did not have a corrector because I probably couldn't find one , I used to put a green eyeshadow instead of a corrector to do her makeup .

Hope you enjoyed this .
Take Care

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