Monday, 28 May 2012

My favourite blushes for this summer 2012

This years's blush color is coral as heard by different makeup artists but I believe people are also now moving on to more dare to wear colors. Oranges , fuchsia , hot pinks are some colors to be mentioned. I love this new trend , its something catchy and different apart from other pixie pink , brown and peach blushes. However here the top picks from my makeup collection.

In no particular order , starting off with Sleek Blush In Aruba. This blush is screaming orange . People truly go  OMG with this one but no , Its not as scary as it looks like. With blushes you can always pick up and build or blend the desired amount. For a more dramatic yet catchy look , you could apply a bit more of this , and for a subtle natural (yes this can also give a natural orangy tint) apply just a bit and blend as much as possible. Full review here

This is one of the most beautiful and wearable colors I have plus its coral so it already explains that this would be perfect for this year and specially this summer as coral adds the perfect amount of warmth to your face. It has a hint of pink to it thus making it more natural , also this will suit any skin tone from fair to dark. Full review here

Lo'real glambronze is my favourite blush,bronzing, highlight trio (gosh three in one at a time) It offers you so much in one compact pan. This one is particularly for blondes but I am a brunette. I have a fair skin tone so this works for me. The highlighter is so gorgeous. The bronze side gives the perfect sun kissed look (the one people desire the most). It is shimmery so I thought contouring would be a bad idea but its wasn't that bad at all. It still looks really natural and beautiful. The dirty pink shade gives a tanned skin look so it would be great for people who'd like a tanned skin. Full review here.

Last but not the least. Hotpinks are very much in these days. Due to the very soft texture of this blush and you achieve any look from dramatic and bold to soft and natural. First I was thinking of buying "pixie pink" from sleek but then I thought that flamingo would offer me more uses and it would suit all skin tones as well. This one too looks very unwearable like aruba but blending would help. Pink is a warm color so same is the story with this , that it adds warmth to your face making it look more glorious (don't know if thats the right term). It also has a glowy sheen to it so it gives a glowy finish adding to the positive points. In summers you specially need something to give a fresh look and sleek blush in flamingo is the perfect choice.


Left to right (builded and blended swatches) Peach Melba , Flamingo , Aruba

LOreal glambronze trio. Specific shades , all mixed up

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  1. soo pretty! I really love aruba, great picks!

  2. Lovelycollection. Glambronze is so summery. A shell of pretty shimmer. Heading off to read your review for Melba. Gorgeous!

  3. woww lovely collection ... love the L'Oreal one ....

  4. All the shades look gorgeous! I wanted to get Flamingo but it was out stock on just4girls so I ended up getting pomegranate instead! But your swatches make me want me to get it all over again! And also Peach Melba looks pretty might grab that too!! :)


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