Monday, 5 September 2011

Labelled face chart - Whats what?

Hello everyone , today I am going to share a face chart in which every part of the face is labelled where you apply makeup.That means ie : if you are watching a makeup tutorial like on youtube or anywhere else that makeup guru might be using some terms that you do not understand so here is a labelled face chart to make it easy for you to understand different features.

Now I know this looks a bit scary but i am sure this will be helpful

Hope this was helpful for you and thanks for watching.stay happy and healthy ,take care bye!
Fariya Khan (young foreverism)

NOTE: Sorry I haven' been posting anything for the past five days as my assessments are going to take place.Somehow I took out time for this one, hope you understand ,thanks.

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  1. LOL not all that scary but helpful for sure specially for the beginners! :)


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