Saturday, 22 October 2011

Labello in cherry

If you have dry lips and you are addicted to scraping the dead skin off your lips , that surely is embarrassing whether you notice at all...But no worries any more when labello comes to the rescue.

  This is not going to take forever to read as it is going to be a short review.Labello , believe me , is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. It does its job pretty well. It moisturizes your lips like dream smooth. It gives a beautiful pinkish shine to the lips and if applied too much it gives a redish shine so this can also be used as a lip gloss. But one drawback is that its smell is too sharp , I mean seriously the smell is sweet exactly like a cherry but anyone can smell it from 10 feet away. But then its ok for people who like such a fruity hard smell(and it even tastes good :P) . It is not pricey at all at PKR 220 and the thing lasts for about 2 months or so.



  1. Great review. I have this in yellow packaging called milk and honey. Hated it at first snff but now I can't zzz without it :) It's so comforting love that scent.

  2. Great review. I am a big fan of lip balms.
    I am also inviting you to my giveaway.

  3. I collect scented lip balms, the cherry labello is one of my fave and I love the colour it gives!!!
    Nice to meet you and your blog.
    Have a great day ^-^

  4. i bought one called sun protect and hated it.painted my lips my sis bought milk and rose and it is amazing.good choice.nice swatch


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