Sunday, 22 January 2012

Clad in...yellow dress :)

Yes this is a very new kind of post as my mom encouraged me to post new stuff and just not keep my blog limited to makeup . This dress was made for a very close wedding and was designed by my Mom , Grandmother and I. So I hope you enjoy the post.


The dress

The neck ...or whatever its called 

 the dress has long churidar sleeves with multiple laces on the border
(google up for the meaning of churidaar)

The motifs.

The border has three laces from top to bottom. The laces are all jamawar (i guess so)

The very delicate lace at the bottom.

The fall of the dress

The pajama is long churidar and the cloth is satin green

Border of the dupatta. Its red with three laces

More info :
The cloths were collected from The Plaza Shopping mall where as the adornments were bought from the Gulf Tower.The dress consists of 24 panels.

The Neck is 2000/-
The motifs are 100/- each x 5
The jamawar cloths used as laces are 150/- per yard each
Not sure about the cloths
The sewing charges are 4000/-
I am not sure about the cost of the whole dress.

I told this to myself that this dress is truly, amazingly beautiful as I am not a big fan of shalwar kameez and stuff  and my mom would often debate against this habit. I mostly wear western clothes so this dress  was made after 1.5 years since the last one was made :P and after the success of this dress I am looking forward to designing more such dresses for myself  in collaboration with my nani and mom. 

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