Monday, 12 March 2012

My first blog award ...Versatile blogger award.

I am so excited to win this award . Thank you all for supporting me with what I am doing and we all hope for a better future. 

I was Tagged by All That Sparkles. Thank you so much .

This is how it works
  1. Thank the person who awarded you 
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
  3. Tag 10-15 other blogs you love reading 

7 random facts:
  1. I am very much inspired by the goth and punk rock culture though my room and personality is colourful and pink :P
  2. Painting , art and makeup is my hobby . I like to work with oil paints.
  3. My biggest dream is to meet Johnny Depp someday (I swear I am his number 1 fan)
  4. I want to learn how to fly an airplane
  5. I am the most random person in the whole world and get a point out of nowhere
  6. My friends call me encyclopaedia
  7. I want to get my hair dyed jade blue and get dark green lenses

Blogs Tagged
  1. Ruqaiya Khan's blog
  2. Madame Hot Lips
  3. Madiha's Makeup Blog 
  4. Sadee Style beauty and fashion blog
  5. Makeup and beauty blog
  6. Sahar Awan's blog
  7. Shahrish Adeel's blog 
  8. Glossicious Beauty blog
  9. Sara Hassan's blog
  10. Shy Cheeks 
  11. Style me up

I would also like to pass on this award to Sara Hassan as I think she really deserves this.Her reviews are very informative and her makeup looks are so flattering plus she posts so frequently.

Hope you enjoyed this post ...see ya'll later 



  1. Thank you for the tag. I enjoyed reading those facts about you. =)

  2. Thank you sooo much for the tag! I love Johny Depp too. He's incredible! It was really nice knowing about you ^_^

  3. congrats on getting ist award


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