Thursday, 10 May 2012

Karaja lip passion in # 2 review

I guess I haven't posted anything on lip products since the last eight months so to break the record Karaja lip passion in #2 is here , Its basically a jumbo lip pencil but to know more about the product keep on reading.

  Karaja lip passion is actually a lipstick pencil , though I am not at all fond of lipsticks or lip pencils either I still bought this as the color is so beautiful . I am a nude addict so the color struck me.
  Karaja lip passion in number 2 is a beautiful peachy pink nude color . It comes in a brownish sort of packaging. The packaging is not very striking , its just a simple plain jumbo pencil. The pigmentation of this pencil is not to good , not to bad , its just above the average. You have to layer it up and swipe it on the lips a few times for better results. The color payoff is very good . It appears to be very nice on the very first swipe. It doesnt totally set into your lip lines or accentuate the dryness of your lips but it may later end up drying your lips (theres a difference (: ) The texture is very dry , its not creamy at all and does not glide on smoothly , you have to drag it along your lips .  To overcome this problem you have to you may moisturize your lips before applying this. Maybe its just this color that has a dry/hard texture , I have another lipstick pencil from karaja that has a very nice creamy texture , or maybe it was just this particular pencil which dried out when I bought it. The best part is that it doesnt smudge or fade, it stay put for upto five hours (amazingly) and this quality is due to the texture.. This is the first time I have has issue regarding packaging. I feel pencils are a waste of money and gets used up the fastest. When you sharp them , alot of product is left as residue. Plus the quantity is not too much, however maybe I could be wrong about this as I got this two months ago and I still have 9/10 of the product left. The only reason I bought this was the color , its completely matte and is my favourite color , I could not a lipstick in the same shade.It can be used as a base for your lipstick to last longer too.


Its matte and I like matte lipsticks
The color payoff is good
It is a longwear product

Drys out the lips
The texture is hard
Pencil form is a wastage

In a nutshell:
Price: 3
Packaging: 3
Quality: 4
Overall: 3.5
Will I buy again: Maybe ...

Karaja lipstick pencil is available at all scentsation stores throughout pakistan for 1150/- rupees .

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Take Care 

So what do you? Do you think lipstick in a pencil form is a bad idea or not?


  1. color is really pretty and looks so lovely on lips

  2. can u tell me karaja matt lipstick price

    1. it is mentioned up ther ... 1150 pkr


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