Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hawkeye inspired look with a double flick liner

Hawkeye is definitely not my favourite superhero but I find his purple costume with the bow and arrow quite catchy and a bit different from other superheroes , so inspired by his costume colour and bow and arrow , i created this look.

the double flick eyeliner...the colors in this picture are not exactly the same but its just meant to show the eyeliner 

inspiration (source: google)

Products used:
  1. Art Deco eyeshadow base
  2. Nyx sexy blue eyes palette (greyish blue eyeshadow)
  3. Sleek acid palette (just a purple shade)
  4. Sleek shadow in noir (basic black shadow)
  5. Catrice gel liner
  6. Just gold (white eyeshadow)
  7. Maybelline falsies mascara

  • Prime your lids.
  • Apply the grayish blue shadow all over the lids
  • Blend the black eyeshadow (noir) into the crease. Stay precise with your blending just to create sort of a cut crease look.
  • Blend a purple eyeshadow in the crease (over that black) and then halfway to the browbone.
  • Highlight with a pinkish white highlight color.
  • This time instead of using bright color in the inner corner I applied the same purple shadow. but to still add some life you can use a brightening concealer underneath or and eye brightener. But it is not necessary to copy the same look so you can also go in with your favourite highlight color
  • Line the upper lashline. Do a winged liner , all you have to do is simply line your eyes and then add a flick at the end creating a triangle.
  • Do the same thing on the lower lashline but you will have to reverse the whole liner look (lol ;)) . Its pretty easy , again just simply line your lashline and create a downward flick. 
  • Fill the empty triangular shape between the flicks with a white eye shadow if you want to.
  • On the lower lashline smudge purple and altogether.
  • For the inner tearduct again create a pointy tip (as if when you close the lids , it would make an arrow shape)
  • Line the lower waterline.
  • Finish off with a mascara

Phew ! that is quite a manual ,lol ..but believe me , it is not that difficult and takes only about 5-7 minutes

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial ,
Take Care


  1. I love this double flick eyeliner, it makes your looks very particular.
    Keep up the good work and... have a great day!

  2. such a pretty look!!! i really like the eyeliner and pinkness :)

  3. it's amazing :) nice job! <3


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