Sunday, 17 June 2012

Makeup forever HD cream blush in Warm pink

Finally I got my hands onto it after a long long time of fatigue and the hard time I gave to the seller (lol) but it was all worth it . I am so happy to own this blush , Its very luxurious and dream smooth but I just do not feel like giving it all so keep reading for more.

What the brand says:

The HD Blush is a cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow. Its matifying and light-reflecting pigments were specifically selected for a perfect application. Its unique second-skin texture blends seamlessly and guarantees a radiant complexion, while providing a completely natural finish. 

My opinion:
This is the best cream blush I have tried so far. I am a big fan of natural/nude makeup and this blush looks perefectly natural. The packaging although is a bit annoying as you can just pump out too much of the product thats not needed. Its just sheer wastage. There is a vast colour variety for pretty much every skintone and warm pink would suit anyone with fair to medium skintone and would brighten up cool or dull undertones as it is a warm pale pink. It also illumminates your skin and gives it a healthy glow. It smells a bit harsh but it goes away in a couple of minutes. As its a cream product , i was afraid it would cause breakouts but fortunately that did not happen. The best part comes here , It blends like a dream ,thin , and absorbed into the skin..Just does not stain it or smear all over the face but you can work it up to build it or perfectly blend it into the skin, just apply the tiniest dot to the apple of the cheeks for the most natural and brightening effect. I like how only just the tiniest blob of the product can do the job so it would last a long long way. I do not know what its lasting power is .. I mean it just does not go away or fade or anything. Its just there all the time after you apply it, well this could be annoying for some people but you see... this is an HD blush and mostly used for shooting purposes on sets but that does not mean you cant use it. I 100% recommend it although the price could be a revoking factor but believe my words and its all worth it.

Swatches and pics:


  • Super Duper Blendability
  • Super Duper Lasting Power
  • Amazing quantity
  • Perfect for natural of dramatic look as it can be built up
  • Overall is hast a vast range of colors to pick from

  • The price is extremely ridiculous (but worth it though)
  • The pump just pumps out too much thus the product gets wasted (just press the pump half way instead of fully pressing it to overcome the problem)

Product : 5
Quality : 5
Packaging : 2
Price : 2.5
Will I buy again ? yes i will but gotta  save up alot

 You can get this blush at Enhanced Beauty for 3600/- including delivery charges so hurry up before it goes out of stock ;P

Hope you fund it helpful
Take Care


  1. WOW! the color is amazing :) xx

  2. does it enhance pores?

    1. Oh no , not at all , it has a very very smooth mouse like texture is not shimmery so it wont enhance pores

  3. Thank you so much Fariya for such a wonderful review, I am so glad you loved this blush.

    Sidra Humaid
    Enhanced Beauty


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