Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Random Claire's makeup review

(lipgloss and eyeshadows)

I always though that claire's was some kiddie make-up brand but the quality for the price has to be credited .I used to own alot of claire's stuff about two years ago (my aunts would send me that , although I always expected something more professional -_-) but this isn't bad either. After getting familiar with these goodies , my opinion of these have changed , keep reading to find more on this product...

OK so one thing I noticed was that their eye shadows are too fragile and wouldn't last without breaking , The first picture in this post shows eye shadows which have not been used more than 5 - 10 times but they shattered into pieces and I tossed the container accidentally and all the product fell off the pan , in this picture too I had to  crush it onto pigment and store it into an empty container
  Their packaging is very colourful and cute , I love those big round pans , plus they hold a TONNE of product , they will last forever (if you manage not breaking them -_-). The pigmentation is super duper amazing , you apply a dot onto your forehead and you can stretch it till the toe , i mean , just keep blending or dragging it and it goes as far as you want to to, colour pay-off is also very very good , on the very first swipe you get the maximum intensity of the colour.The texture is very very creamy .The cons I noticed are the creasing issues and the lasting power , It would crease in 2-3 minutes even with a primer and they last for about 4-5 hours on the lid and in the meantime they smear too and do not fade evenly. And lastly they have a very limited colour variety to choose from.
  The juicy lip gloss comes in 2-4 colours I guess and are not very good, they are sticky , do not last long , have a very very strong fruity + painty smell and they are just a load of crap :(


Pros :

  • Extremely pigmented
  • Amazing colour payoff
  • Great Quantity
  • Cute packaging

  • Very fragile
  • Creases horribly
  • Lasts for only 4- 5 hours
  • Do no fade evenly from the lids.

Product : 4
Quality :3
Quantity :5
packaging : 4.5
price : 5
Will I buy again: Not sure , maybe yes if they introduce new colours


Pros :
  • Good quantity
  • Good color payoff
  • Good price

  • Very sticky
  • Strong smell
  • Crappy packaging
  • Crappy lasting power

Product : 3
Quality : 2
Quantity : 5
packaging : 2
price : 5
Will I buy again: Never

The eyeshadows are available for 10 dirhams ( 240 pkr) and the lipglosses are 13 dirhams (312 pkr) and you can find them at any claire's store or on their website here

Take Care

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