Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer trends (five day series)... Fishtail and waterfall braids and messy side buns.

Ok , so these braids are hell of a task to achieve but I am loving this new trend, although I was never able to braid my hair like that though I watched tons of tutorials on youtube , but it would be very easy for people who know how to do a French braid, If it is very difficult to make then you can do a braid within a braid (or say a messy four strand braid). I do this one all the time. First you braid half of your hair like you normally would do (a three strand braid) and then you section the remaining hair into two , then you braid the three remaining part altogether and if it sounds too complicated then you simply can watch a youtube tutorial. Side buns are by far the easiest and less time consuming and i'm sure every one would know how to make a messy bun, here are some pictures just to give an idea.

fishtail braid (tutorial)

waterfall braid (tutorial)

braid within a braid (tutorial)

messy side bun,...

All pictures are from google while the video tutorials are from youtube :)

I hope you find this helpful . take care

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