Sunday, 2 September 2012

A very warm welcome to REVLON

Revlon is now available in scentsation now , its is my favourite drugstore brand and I became so joyful when i heard about this new addition to their shop. Now no one would have to pay extra money on customs and online shipping to get their hand on revlon..

revlon counter



Colorstay lipsticks

Eyeshadow quads


I am so happy for all the revlon fans here
few things on my revlon wishlist would be their nailpolishes, colorstay eyeliners and a few more things
the only sad part is that they do not have the lip butters...the price range is sort of ok for a drugstore brand
the lipsticks go for about 900/- , pencil liner and lip liner go for the same price
the foundations are for 1700/-, the concealers are for 1200/- , liglosses are the same price , but considering revlon a very good quality brand i think the prices are negligible for the quality...

I hope this helped
Take Care


  1. how was the pricing?

  2. I love Revlon! So what are the prices like? For instance, the lipsticks and foundations? This is amazing!!! :D

  3. I was waiting for someone to do a post on Revlon! I am so happy they have the colorstay range, its amazing. I hope they come out with the Balmstains :)

  4. good good nice post I even have a post on revlon in my drafts lol! The pricing is ok as compared to quality =)
    btw I do have a giveaway at my blog in case you are interested!


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