Monday, 24 September 2012

"Divine Swine" by O.P.I , review and swatches

Most of my readers are aware of my love hate relationship with nailpolishes but here is my current favourite pick for the time , although glitter nailpolishes is not really me , but this one stole my hear away...

My opinion:
I love it as:
  • It does not smear , smudge or apply messy or streaky unlike "bring on the bling" by O.P.I
  • It stays put for upto 5 to 6 days without chipping
I thought this nailpolish would be opaque , but ts actually made to layer up onto another nailpolish. To make it semi opaqueish you need 4 coats of this guy. Beware as this shade can be a bit gaudy for non glitter lovers so you should layer it on top of a dark shade , my favourite pick is black. This nailpolish does not possess any common glitter nailpolish qualities, it is an exception in a good way actually. Overall I am pleased with its quality../ :PP. I believe this is part of the muppets collection and is available with a lipgloss duo... As you roll your finger in bright light , the color of the chunks of hexagonal glitters change from violet reddish purple to fuchsia purple. It also has two sorts of glitter thus making i more attractive.There is large chunks of silver and finely milled fuschia...In the swatcges below i layered it over love story by color studio and black nailpolish by color studio

Swatches and pics:

one coat on bare nail...

layered on love story by color studio

bright sunlight...

layered on black polish

You can get this from for 850 rupees...

I hope you enjoyed the post 
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