Friday, 7 September 2012

Sleek Ultra Matte Volume 1 , brights palette

Sleek has been one of my favorite makeup brand but will this particular product turn out to be my favorite? Get to know as you scroll down...

My Opinion:
So far sleek has been coming out with impressive products but this palette was a total disaster .It has disappointed me so much. 
 Starting off with the packaging , they have given it a new look , looks a little but more stylish than the old one but still its a basic simple design , also they have discontinued the patterned impressions on the eyeshadows which is in a way good because that would give the product a cheap look and offer you less product.
 Quality wise its a huge drawback to the product. The texture of the eyeshadows is soft but they have awful color payoff and pigmentation (Except for pucker , bolt , strike and cricket.). They do not even appear on the skin when you apply it so you have to use some heavy base when you apply them. Sugarlite is almost a non existent shade. They fade away in a few hours. They do not crease though which never happens with sleek shadows. When I saw swatches on other people i was like this is perfect but it came out to be the total opposite. Some bad ones are pout , sugarlite , dragon fly and bamm. There is repetition of colours like pout and pucker , they are almost exactly the same. The good side to this palette is that you can create quite festive looks , it offers all the bright colors. Floss and Crete are the perfect transition color. Some shades with extremely good pigmentation bolt , strike , pow , pout and floss. Also it has a really good big mirror which would help you do your makeup on the go. A better alternative to this would be the Sleek acid palette or the curacao palette.

the new packaging

top to bottom : chill , pout , sugarlite , cricket , bolt , strike

top to bottom: dragonfly , pucker , bamm, floss, crete , pow

The sponge tip applicator , i find it quite versatile

swatches of the top row without primer

swatches of the bottom row without primer

Swatches with a base according to the placing in the palette

Swatches with a base according to the placing in the palette

Swatches with a base according to the placing in the palette

Out of five;
Quality: 2.5
quantity: 4
price: 4
product: 3
packaging: 3
will i buy again: No
All mate
Bright vivid colors
Soft texture
Comes with a good mirror
Good price

poor pigmentation in more than half of the shades
poor color payoff
poor longevity

you can find this palette at beauty unleashed or for 1250/-

Hope you find this review help ful, take care 


  1. Omg! I wish the pigmentation was better since the colors are gorgeous! Haven't read many reviews on this one so never knew it had such poor pigmentation! :o Shocking because Sleek MakeUp always does fantastic products!

  2. great job.i like the honesty in your didn't build up the colors to look good just so the photos would appear nice in your blog.At least the reader gets the complete i am not buyin it.yeah acid palette is better.

    Also profusion cosmetic satin eye shadow palette is good.affordable and good color payoff.have u tried that?
    here is my take on it ...

  3. Thts disappointing as the kit looks very pigmented...


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