Monday, 26 September 2011

Essential Makeup Brushes for a beginner

Hola everyone  :P,
Today I wanted to share with everyone , what makeup brushes are necessary in your brush kit as a beginner. Many people are confused with what to buy. It depends on what products you use in you daily routine.Anyway there wont be any confusion from now on wards as I am here to save the day :PPP so lets just get started now!

Foundation Brush:
Some people like using hands to apply and blend foundation but that might not be the perfect might leave some uneven lines however its good if you have a foundation brush ....the foundation is applied easily and evenly can even get into places like the t zone and hidden areas.

Blush brush:
Alot of you feel comfortable blending the blush with your fingers but once again , maybe it wont be even and also using blush brush gives an illusion of a contoured face.It enhances the cheek bones. It can also be used as a multipurpose  brush ie: powder brush or contouring brush. So yeah this is also a must have.There are two kinds , one is the angled ne and other is the dome shaped one . I prefer the angled one better.

Eye shadow brush:
The sponge tip applicators that come with all those palletes are not so reliable.For all those sharp effects, eye shadow brush is mandatory to own.Without this brush it is not easy to achieve any professional kind of look.Even if you are a beginner you NEED this brush. This brush can be also multipurpose ...It can be used as a concealer brush or to blend multiple eyeshadows on the lid. Maybe to highlight certain areas on the face.Its flat and stiff shape picks the right amount of color and it wont smudge!

Blending brush:
This brush helps get all those gorgeous and beautiful smokey eye looks.Its perfect for defining the outer V or the eye shape.When you run it through the crease it gives that perfect smokey eye. It helps soften any harsh lines.Used for highlighting the browbone and also contouring the nose or thin areas on the face.I love to own this awesome brush. None of my makeup looks can be complete without this . Again there is stiff some brush and a soft some brush.I recommend the soft one as it is a multipurpose one plus it just not limited to defining the crease only but also smoke out the eyeshaodow

Eyeliner Brush:
I dont have much to say about this one.This one is not very important as many people use pencil or liquid liners.The one in the picture above is an angled eyeliner brush however I use it to apply gel liner.Often it is even used to smudge some pencil eyeliner along the lashline to give a softer and defined look. There are many types of eyeliner brushes....One is the liquid liner kind of one . Then there are the angled once and then there are bent liner brushes.I find it easier to apply it with the angled one as it is flat and stiff and because it is angled it is easy to control it 

Thats all folks! Hope this was helpful ...stay hapy and healthy 
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Fariya Khan (youngforeverism)


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