Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to build a professional brush kit !

Earlier I told what essential makeup brushes to have as a beginner and today it comes to professional.It is not very necessary to have all the professional tools . You can accomplish anything if you have the potential in you...Anyway I am still going to do the post.Building a professional brush kit might be tricky as there are many or else there are kits already available in shops.Many of them include irrelevant brushes plus random brands which sell these are not good quality either.I am sure you will feel comfortable with you own brush kit.The brushes listed below are all useful and important! I am going to name all the brushes . Expensive of high end brushes are good investment. They last forever . Its the same thing if you buy 1 good brush or 10 bad ones!

Eye Brushes
  • Flat Eyeshadow brush (The body shop eyeshadow brush, MAC 239)  
  • Sponge tip applicator(comes with most palletes)
  • Soft dome brush(blending brush) [Luscious , MAC 220]
  • Stiff dome brush (blending brush but more defined) [MAC 217 , THE BODY SHOP blending brush]
  • Crease brush [Fake MAC , Urban decay good karma]
  • Smudge brush [The Body shop]
  • Pencil brush [MAC 219 , Sigma E30]
  • Eyeliner brush (angled) [ Any drugstore brand works awesome]
  • Eyeliner brush (gel) [Any drugstore brand works awesome]

Face brushes
  • Blush brush (angled) [ ADORE , Art Deco , MAC 132]
  • Blush brush (dome) [MAC 129 , The body shop]
  • Contouring brush [MAC 139, sigma ss168]
  • Concealer brush [DmGm concealer brush , the body shop , karaja ]
  • Foundation brush [The body shop,Karaja , MAC]
  • Stippling brush [Luscious , MAC 187]
  • Powder brush [Any large brush or the body shop face and body brush]

Lip brushes
  • Lip liner brush [Any]
  • Lip brush [The body shop]

Other brushes 
  • Face and body brush [the body shop]

Thats it ! hope this was helpful ..............take care
Fariya Khan (youngforeverism)


  1. Nice post :) It would be better if you would have written the names with the brushes :)

  2. sahrish thanks for the suggestion , i have now written the names and examples! :)


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