Monday, 31 October 2011

how to build a huge eyeshadow collection in a small amout. (guide)

My strategy is to buy more palletes than singles

Believe me! Those are all and only shades I have. The above noted strategy works pretty well. Take the NAKED pallete for example : Indivisually , each urban decay eye shadow costs $18 whereas the whole pallete costs $48 and carries 12 full sized eye shadows. Isnt that a better buy. Because 18 x 12 would cost much more ($216). If you go through my EOTD'S and FOTD'S you will see i mention shades from different palletes. See the pictures below and you'll see i have many types of goldens, blues , pinks . One more thing a pallete offers is that it provides you with many different shades of the same color at the same time.

Ok so I have 2 more singles and 1 more quad which i forgot to add. the green one is a pigment.

In a nutshell the advantages to collecting palletes instead of eyeshadow singles is as follows:
  • You get more eyeshadows in one sleek case for less price
  • You are offered more shades at one time
  • You can easily custom mix multiple shades to create another one.

So yeah! Thats all. Hope you enjoyed this somewhat different post..
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Fariya Khan...

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