Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Maybelline Define a lash mascara review

Many people do not use makeup at all but only mascaras. It becomes a need for their daily lives. Here is a review on my favourite one by far.


The quality of this mascara is so impressive. The formula is nor too thick or thin , just perfect , One thing to keep in mind is that this one is to lengthen the lashes not to add volume to them and yeah so it does its job perfectly. If you want to add both length and volume use  two mascaras at a time. Beware! Do not apply too many coats of it as it can clump and the lashes will become extremely separated. This mascara is not an exception as all the Maybelline mascaras are awesome. I have used mostly all of them. The wand is very stiff , thin and spikey which helps it lengthen the lashes and I THINK it is made up of silicon

This can last for about a little more than 6 months if used daily but it is advised to dispose off your mascaras before 3-4 months.

It comes in two shades namely "very black" and "brownish black"
The waterproof one has a blue top and the non water proof one has a clear top. The price for this is Rs 850/- (about $8 and dhs35) and can be found on all drugstores , super markets , and cosmetic stores and from the website too.

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