Monday, 21 November 2011

Nyx Eyeshadow base review!!

I was very eager to get this base but I dont really want to discourage anyone even though keep on reading :P

We do not get NYX here in Pakistan except it can be ordered through different websites. I was very eager to purchase this product. Creamy things in jars and pots really tempt me so did this eyeshadow base in skin tone But it disappoints me how this base is nothing like what I expected.Lets evaluate its points...

The quality of this thing is pretty lame (*sniff*) . It creases so horribly and make tiny lumps of the eyeshadow you apply. It feels very sticky and oily(not good for oily skins at all) plus it does not even blend into your original skin color like it is supposed to. It appears to be gray and even changes the actual color of the eyeshadow.

Comes in a cute jar with a ton of product in it which can last for years.

It's smell is so very extreme and heavy . It smells like shampoo's , paints , lotions and talc powders mixed together (yes I am smelling it right now). You do not want your makeup to smell so weird.

It is not even so good for the price at costing me about 720/- Rs. You can get the Art Deco eyeshadow base which is something better for less price and easily available in Pakistan.

After reading some reviews , I got to know that the white eyeshadow base is like ten times better than this one (I havent tried it) And not very keen to try it.It is available at all Lifestyle outlets in UAE, all drugstores in USA , Canada , UK for $7 and DHS 34

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  1. I've heard the NYX HD Eye Shadow Base is really good. I've ordered it, and my friend from the US will bring it for me in December.


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