Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Whats in trend??

There was a time when both young and old ladies would carry a large clutch under their arms and then large baggy bags were in fashion and now its all about CLUTCHES but smaller!

Yes! Clutches are very much in fashion these days. They come in all kind of styles , colors , fabrics plus they are very cute...My favourite place to shop for clutches is Claire's and Accesorize. They are pretty easy to carry though there is a chance of losing them pretty easily. They could make a really nice gift for a teenage friend. Some of them are studded with nugs and are very good for formal meetings , get-togethers and coukd be gifted to an adult lady!! If you notice around you people carry clutches more than they carry bags. And yeah in my opinion as well I love clutches and wallets. They are pretty cool.

Hope you liked it..
Fariya Khan :)))

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