Friday, 2 December 2011

Karaja perfective eyeshadow primer review.

If you want your eye makeup to look good and vibrant and that lasts long then you need a very good base...Karaja perfective eye shadow primer is the one!

I had become very sad when I could not find a good eye shadow base or a primer here in Pakistan , but then I found this miraculous eye shadow base which is very very easily available in Pakistan at most of the drugstores , cosmetic stores and malls.

This eye shadow base comes in a big tube which can last for about more than a year if used on a daily basis. It is quite pigmented and even a pinch amount can cover the whole lid. When I apply this my eye makeup lasts for literally more than twelve hours so this proves to be great for working women. It comes in a cream form and that is the reason it feels like a BIT oily but only if used too much , if you use a decent amount then you are going to love it. It is odorless and colorless and the packaging is very simple . The tube allows the product to be easily accessible. For such a large amount it is very good for the price and is a good investment.

In my opinion I do not regret buying it at all ... It makes the eyeshadow last long ...brings out the color ...If the color payoff of your eyeshadow is not good then I suggest start using this eyeshadow primer. I love the quantity as well. I got it from CosCos for PKR 1100/-. So now stop longing for all the unreachable international brands which are far more expensive and stick to this one :P

Hope this was helpful 
Fariya Khan


  1. I was very happy when i found it last year. I thought primers didn't exist in Pakistan, who so ever cosmetic seller i would talk to, didn't even know what they are.


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