Thursday, 8 December 2011

Luscious precious metals pure minerlas eyeshadow review

Minerals are great if you are prone to using makeup everyday and with luscious' pure minerals eye shadow trio you can create beautiful looks with these three dramatic but eye catching shades

Review: Like many other pigments these are also very very pigmented . You can stretch them as far as you want and can be built up how ever this is a common problem with most pigments , you can experience quite a lot of fall out .When I used the white one , there was shimmer all over my face but if it is negligible , you can dust it off your face with a fan brush .The color pay off  is great although its not what you see from outside the packaging . There is a copper and a frozy color an the third one is like white shimmer that turns silver over time. It is odorless and can last for about more than 2 years. The blendability is good , the colors are not like it would fade away. You do not really have to use a primer while using pigments but the small particles can disappear so it is better that use some cream substance to keep them sticking . I ordered this online just for the fun of it :P although Luscious cosmetics is easily available at any drugstore or cosmetic store , this cost me PKR 575/- which is a very reasonable price tag.


P.S: This color is not red it is copper.

Swatches :

After blending.

It is available in three more trios namely popart , stardust and summer holiday.Considering we do ot really have brands that sell professional makeup which is tpypical ..these are one of the best things ive ever used.

Out of five:

Quality  : 4
Quantity : 5
Longevity : 5
Price : 5
will i buy again ? Pop art is going to be the next one
Overall : 4.5

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  1. Nice review! :) I actually have this and also the one in star dust. But I have hardly ever used these. I find loose powders messy and hard to work with.


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