Friday, 30 December 2011

Beauty tips on the go.

Sometimes you want to look like a beauty queen without spending time because sometimes you are getting late or do not know much about how to work with the makeup so to discover the most simple tips keep on reading...

TIP NO#1 :
Adding hint of coral to the face adds warmth and natural flush and looks beautiful both day and night. It adds tones and dimension yet giving a more charming admirable look to the personality

Beauty tip #2:
Just one stroke of a strikingly beautiful bright lipstick brings out the dazzling energetic mood initiating fresh feeling and cheerful , dynamic personage

Beauty tip #3
Keep a light hand on foundation. This shows off the natural glow and radiance of the luminous skin.Applying too much of it portrays a cakey tired face and a dull personality

Beauty tip # 4
Just filling in the brows can lift the whole look and gives the feeling of complete , neat brows. This step will help your eye-makeup stand out more.

Beauty tip# 5 
Highlight the main features of you face such as the nose bridge , temples of cheeks , the browbone and the cupids bow.This step enhances the beauty of the facial features and sculpts the face by adding dimensions and curves.Highlighting is my favourite part

Beauty tip # 6
If your eye makeup is all very dramatic and bold ,keep the rest of the face makeup very light.Or if the rest of the face is light its better that you keep bold eye makeup , add tons of mascara and drama to it.This balances the look and appears to be more glamorous and classy

Any of the tips above performed alone and single can bring out what you want. You do not have to do all of the above together necessarily so I hope you enjoyed this post and find it helpful.

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