Monday, 27 February 2012

February Haul!!!!

OMG ..i was so super excited to do this one as i got so many colorful things ... I love sharing what I shop so keep reading for more colorful fun and for a haul video visit this link below or just keep scrolling and you will find the video at the end of the post..

Here is all i got...

This is a beautiful warm nude color and perfect for my age...great for teens (PKR 1100)

 I never saw a bent liner brush here until this brand was introduced so It caught my eye and I at one added this to the cart :) (PKR 325)

 Now this stuff is amazing...totally worth buying and you get two in one thing so this is like a very cool toned pink color perfect for teens and youngforeverism approved (PKR 1100)

Will get added up to my eyeliner collection....I am collecting eyeliners lately :))) All the karaja eyeliner were 550 except the kajal eyeliner was 350pkr and boujois metallise was 700bucks while the khol contour one was 600 bucks...I love all of em

The other half of the pink lipstick pencil :P

Oh boi! I love the color # 50 though the quality aint so super amazing (525 each)

What do you think of these lights mum didnt like these but the colors made me buy these as they are so playful(1300 pkr) from park tower mall

bent liner brush

what do you think of these shoes (PKR 900 from topman)


awesome gel liner by catrice (PKR 600)

This was the v-day pouch at hyperstar but I thought it was very cute and so I bought this for PKR 90

Extra super lash mascara for (PKR 500)....anyone could get electrocuted ...beware 

Lip passion # 2

False lashes and eye lash glue for pkr 150 each ...

OH and all stuff makeup was purchased from scentsation
Hope you enjoyed this colorful journey not forget to follow or subscribe ....


  1. Looking forward to the review on the Cathrice shadows and gel liners!

  2. oh ...sure they will be up soon...maybe within a week :P

  3. wa grt haul now waiting for reviews

  4. where did you get the lights from in parktowers?

    1. Sorry for the late reply .. their stall keeps moving from place to place , you would prolly find them in the lobby of forum or park tower's


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