Sunday, 8 April 2012

My amazing trip to Islamabad.

Heya everyone,
                        So I went on a field trip to Islamabad , Murree area with my school and so I was unable to post on my blog. But this time I have an exciting news for all Islamabadis and Murree people. Well who am I to inform Islamabadis about this ( Karachiite initially) but , oh my! It is the most amazing place for a girl to shop. They do not have any shopping malls there but they do have markets and bazaars there , like the famous Jinnah Super F6 and F7 areas. Karachi ofcourse is the most developed city and has everything (Dolmen City Mall will have most of it but will take a year from now) but Islamabad is a shopping paradise (surprised?). But listen to this! They have every sort of Branded stores and cosmetics there at most of the smallest grocery stores.I found original M.A.C cosmetics for the most reasonable price (about the value as conversion from $ to PKR) , They had the most beautiful jewellery like pazebs (anklets) which was pretty ancient and some of the clothing and jewellery was inspired by the Mohenjodaro civilization. Jinnah Super is something exactly like Hayderi Market and Gulf Way in Karachi but offers alot more than these places.I even found the much raved Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara which I was trying to find since the last three years. I will list a few details below.

They had a few high end brand stores like:
  • BHS
  • NIKE
  • Lacoste
  • Illusions
  • Levis
  • Cambridge
  • Chen One
A shop called Hayees was something like Sephora. Well it was not a huge store it was an ordinary small Bazaar shop but it had all the brands like:
  • M.A.C (Each and every collection from M.A.C , the eyeshadows were 1800 rupees and blushes were 2400 rupees)
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Clinique
  • Clarins
  • Shiseido
  • Palladio
  • Whole Loreal line. (Like the H.I.P and glambronze and what not)
  • And rest of the drugstore brands and most high end brands.

Well the only big deal is that this was all on a Street Bazaar and so I was on cloud nine and willing to share this. In Karachi you do not even find these things in huge malls but in Islamabad this stuff is commonly available  everywhere. Hope this spreads to Karachi soon.The shop Illusions is for girls who love to Accessorize. Oh and now The Body Shop is going to open on the Murree maal road (or mall road).really soon.

To sum up call it a Bazaar or an outdoor shopping Mall but I will miss these places. Sadly I did not take any pictures or shop that much , just got a Mascara because my mom had sent me with some limited amount of money but anyway hope this news was helpful (mostly for beginners or tourists or some new emigrants) and I will soon get back with my normal blogging routine.

Take Care 


  1. Hello from Islamabad. Thank you for putting our beloved lil town on the map. I'm glad you had a great time here. I can't believe they're opening "the body shop" in Muree, makes you wonder :) I also know of a shop here that sells the best stuff ever and the prices are insanely good. Hope you come again soon.

  2. Cant wait !! love Body Shop Products :))

  3. do you have casino on islamabad ?


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