Friday, 18 May 2012

Beauty UK liplust in "Date Night" review.

I thought lipgloss was my thing but oh no , I was wrong , the Beauty Uk liplusts are my thing now :P.

My opinion:

  Good lip glosses are hard to find (seriously that wasn't the just opening line but good lip glosses are really hard to find). If the quality is not 100 % percent good , i know exactly as I start biting off the product from my lips (its just a freaky habit) but with this Beauty Uk liplust , it did not happen so now I know that the quality is just 100% perfect. 
  The thing that annoys me the most the stickiness of some lip glosses . This lip lust does not feel sticky at all. This is the most amazing quality. I hate it when my hair sticks to my lips when I wear some sticky lip gloss. Secondly the pigmentation is superb and a little product goes a long way.Its sheer coverage and does not feel heavy on the lips plus it also moisturizes my lips. The staying power I believe is upto 3 hours max , but a lipstick or lip liner underneath would help.It has a very yummy scent to it, can't really describe of what but it does not bother me at all. Its really light so it does not even irritate the skin of or around the lips. Most of my readers know that packaging does not quite bother me but when it comes to lip glosses squeeze tubes are a headache , I either squeeze out too much product or to little and can never work out the quantity I need on the lips. It has sort of a furry sponge tip applicator which I quite large for the lips so the application is streaky and un-neat ,I personally prefer wands or brush tips ,but the quality overcomes the problem . Overall this is    one of my top favourite products and is in my everyday makeup bag , I'd run out of it really quick I suppose because I am using it every now and then.

Swatches :

Lip Lusts are available in a variety of 12 different shades at 2.99 pounds (most amazing price ever) and can be ordered from beauty uk itself or also from beauty unleashed.

In a nutshell:
Price: 5
Packaging: 4
Quality: 5
Overall: 4.7
Will I buy again: yes

I hope you enjoyed the post \
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  1. nice review n i love the color :)

  2. Nice love the color might get it pretty soon! but when i buy a lip gloss its more likely that i will lose it soon! :P

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  4. Im not a lipgloss fan either but this looks really good! I might try it out :) great review


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