Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A warm eye makeup look for summer. EOTD

As we all can feel summer is here and everyone is going all bronze , I created this warm golden/bronze look which is perfect for summer . (The eyeliner was a total mistake , should have been a bit thinner , lol)

Products used:

  1. UDPP
  2. Naked Palette
  3. Catrice Gel Liner
  4. Maybelline Falsies Mascara.


  1. Prime your lids and browbone.
  2. Apply a golden eyeshadow all over the lid (half baked)
  3. Blend a bronze in the crease (smog)
  4. Highlight with your favourtite highlight color (virgin)
  5. Apply some very light golden with pink hue in the inner corner of the eyes for a pop. (half baked + virgin)
  6. Line the upper lashline with black eyeliner ( now my tip is to do a thin line and not really a winged liner , what I did was messed up the line so i extended the line to cover the smudge marks :P )
  7. Finish off with mascara.

I hope you liked it,
see ya'll late
bye .


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