Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hot red pink nails perfect for spring/summer with Sweet Touch.

Hot pinks and black nailpolishes are the only colors that suit my tanned hand (otherwise I do not really have a lot of experience with nailpolishes and different colors) So here is one of the best hot pink I ever came across.

Sweet Touch nailpolish in "sweet pink" no# 1094

Well I had to swatch them on these false nails for a better display ,lol 

Oki , So I believe everyone who wears nailpolishes owns these sweet touch ones , I've seen then on almost every vanity table , they are just the most easily available ones and for a person like me who would just wear one paticular color for one annual event and would throw away the nailpolish after that (basically the phrase "one time use" would be perfect for this) , this is perfect as this nailpolish only costs about 70-100 bucks at different super or cosmetic stores. Its true I do not really wear nailpolishes on my actual nails but as I am a lover or art , I paint false nails and make nail designs using toothpicks and other stuff (and whatever 3-4 nailpolishes I own) so my review would be based upon this nail art experiences.
 Sweet Touch nailpolishes are actually very good quality , they do not get streaky when you are initially starting to apply it , they dry fast on the nails , are a great price (70 - 100 pkr) and do not chip off for about a whole week. They only require two coats to get opaque , but the only problem I experienced that it dries out pretty soon or say expires in a short period of time (you get what you pay for) , the nailpolish and alcohol contents separate ,also when you are applying it on the nails you have to be fast because then it starts to dry on the brush and this might get you streaky application (before I said it does not "initially" get streaky if you are fast enough , do not confuse yourself with the two statements). And that's all about it.Oh btw this one is a gloss finish and is easily available at Chase Up clifton , Naheed Super Market , My Store Park Towers, Forum Mall , Aghas , Or any big cosmetic store

  • No streaky application if you are fast enough to cope with the drying problem
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Available very easily
  • Does not chip off before a week.
  • Shorter shelf life , expires pretty soon.
  • Drys out very fast , on the nails(a pro on the other hand) , on the brush , in the bottle , everywhere :P

In a nutshell:
Price: 5
Packaging: 2
Quality: 4
Overall: 3.5
Will I buy again: If I need one.

Hope yo enjoyed this one
See ya'll later
Take Care


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