Thursday, 24 May 2012

Karaja Khol Kajal Eye Pencil Review ...

"Black Kajal" , its amazing how I believe atleast 3/4 woman of the 3.5 billion population owns it (yea thats what I believe). It suits everyone... However I am more of a color eyeliner fan but lets just leave the stats and move on to the review.

My opinion:

  I currently own only one black eyeliner / Kajal Pencil , so far it was an ok experience with this one. I always have thought that Karaja is a dupe for Clarins , Clarins is a Dupe for Urban Decay , so indirectly Karaja is a dupe for Urban Decay (In the case of eye pencils , in terms of packaging and stuff , the quality is not exactly the same though.) Lets see if its really true,
  Starting off with the packaging , Its just a champagney pink packaging , but its small , like really shorter than other pencils I have seen. So the quantity looks somewhat little, however coming to the quality ,Its great . The color payoff is ok enough but the pigmentation is disappointing. It takes a couple of swipes to really get that darkest black and if you try to smudge it for a smokey sort of look , it totally disappears. I'd say its creamy enough , I did not have to drag this on my lid , it did glide on effortlessly. It stays on for a long time , until you wash your face , its there , although because I use makeup at home for practice every now and then , I do not like any product sort of tattooing my face so personally I do not like it with eyeliners , the black raccoon eyes esp; after washing your face are a headache, but thats just me , many people would like for their eyeliners to stay and not disappear. And here's the best part , its one of the blackest Kajals made for your waterline. Khol kajals , I think are for lining your waterline only so it does its job there. It stays on the water line for 8 hours. So to sum up , I'd say its and "ok" Kajal ,not too good , not too bad.

Its available for 350/- rupees , at all big super markets and karaja counters


  • Great staying power.
  • Great color payoff on the waterline (only)
  • Creamy , you wont have to drag it across your lid,

  • The staying power is good , but just too too good , it almost tattoos my eyes.
  • Pigmentation isnt good
  • Color payoff is just ok
  • Pencil is small.


I compared this to all black eyeliners I have , the rest two are gel liners

In a nutshell:
Price :4
Packaging:  4
Quality:  2.5
Overall: 3.5
Will I buy again: Maybe

I hope you enjoyed this review
Take Care


  1. This looks really good! I might have to buy this :)

  2. oh really nice... nice comparison too.


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