Saturday, 6 October 2012

How to get rid of frizzy hair

I just got fed up with my frizzy hair , i felt like being bald was way better than this edward scissorhands hairstyle so i looked up on the internet , tried different products and reasearched and now you can see the results in the picture above, here i am sharing my personal experiences and compiling tips from different sources ie: magazines,interenet my nani :P etc , i will only list things that actually helped...

First of all everyones hairtype , the biological makeup and qualties are different , so this post might be of no use to some people , so i wil just write a few details abouyt my hair and if you counter similar problems then ofcourse this post is meant for you.
My hair :
  1. Gets really frizzy 
  2. Is dry 
  3. I dont know if its damaged or not because i do not use alot of hot irons
  4. Becomes greasy without two days of shampooing 
  5. prone to dust damage and all that environmental pollution
  6. Is amazing in winter and cold cimates.

Tips for frizzy hair/:
  • First of all you should have a really healthy diest which should consist of Vitamin A and E , you get these in fish , white meat , dark green vegies and cucumbers are a good sourse for healthy hair.
  • Loads and loads of water . Your hair needs hydration and you get this from water , i drink a least 3 glasses of water every hour , now that is alot of water but you need at least 2 liters minimum. It keeps your skin lowing as well , It works because my skin is always highlighted.
  • Look for suitable products for your hair , while researching you may come across nasty hair ruining thing but ultimately land at a good one. These days I use only a shampoo schwarzkopf's Gliss , anti split ends shampoo and i use it every two days means three times a week and it works amazing . Now my hair does not have split ends bit this shampoo keeps my hair under contol , managed , silky , smooth , tangle free and works wonders.
  • Shampoo as less as possible. Shampooing too often and using tons of hair products at a time wont make your hair any better as it contains tons of chemicals. I stopped using conditioners too and my hair works fine without it.
  • Do not use silicone hair products as it would prevent air from reaching the roots and cause dehyd ration , basically any ingredient that has an "O,N,E" in the end eg" silic"one" , "polyther"one" etc.
  • Hair oiling  , moisurizes you hair , di it at least once a week, and your hair shines all the time, if you do not oil you hair then it wil become dry and extremely firzzy, I currently use Herbal essences cactus oil.
  • Brush less and do not brush damp hair. Brushing damages hair and causes hairfall. Brush your hair only once in a day or two , use brush with bristles spaces far apart and not too dense.
  • Do not agressively towel dry your hair , just pres your hair against the towel a few times and rinse out the water. Dont just harshly rub it against the towel.
  • Keep your hair tied in a pony or a braid if you like it. This will prevent your hair from rubbing against different surfaces and keep it from being damaged .

So , i hope you enjoyed this post, try out these tips and do let me know if they worked for you.
Take Care 


  1. Nice tips, thanks for sharing :)

  2. ok girl i am getting the schwarzkopf shampoo on ur recommendation


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