Monday, 8 October 2012

Top three luxury scents for men and women...

Left to right :Coolwater , azzaro chrome , Versace

Top row , left to right : Pierre Cardin , Blanc St dupont
Bottom: Carolina Herrera., CH

I thought of doing a post full  of  fragrance. I planned it a long time ago and after researching for quite some time , have now chosen my top 3 for both men and women

For men(in no paticular order) :

  • Versace , pour homme
This perfume is definitely the most sexiest male scent I have ever come across. I asked a user for its distinctive qualities and he said that it smells nice(matter of opinion) , it lasts a long long time, three days at most. Personally what i think is that it is overwhelming , in a good way though which i guess makes it more manly than boyish.
  • Azzari , Chrome
This perfume is a less concentrated version of Versace , smells more or less the same but if you would not like to spend alot on Versace then Azzaro has to be a choice. It smells like what a boy/teen/young guy could easily wear. While Versace is more of a scent which would suit men in tuxedos, this is a more semi formal scent. Because it is less concentrated it lasts for only about 2 days.
  • Davidoff ,Cool Water
Well , male scents are really hard to describe , I cant say that they are floral or fruity , but i guess it specifically smells tobacoish. This scent is semi formal to casual , very much more on the causal side , and can be worn by guyz in their teens and twenties. I belive it is more of a winter scent.

For women (in no paticular order):
  • Carolina Herrera 
The most seductive and adult womanly scent.I always want to wear this one but I guess it would not suit me as I am pretty young for this one right now . Its not overwhelming at all. It is the most balanced perfume formula. This scent is extremely formal. It is floral , sort of like saline water with tobacco Not a party wear scent but great for big events like marriages , anniversaries and similar gatherings. It lasts forever untill you wash the clothes , so which means a little goes a long way. The Packaging is uper sexy yet sophisticated. 
  • St.Dupont , Blanco
This one had to be my favoutrite. It is a mix of 95 percent floral and 5 percent fruity, It is less dilute and so not too overwhelmng. I like that it can be worn in marriage ceremonies , parties , home gettogethers which proves it to be very versatile. I love the packaging too , its so glamourous. It lasts for about 2 days at the most.
  • Pierre Cardin , Bleu Marine
This one is like a woody , tobaccoish , cinnamon , spicy scent . It does not mean that you smell like a cinnamon cheese roll but its a very very elegant scent and so is the packaging.Its ceremony like. A queen scent I must say. The name suggests coolness. It lasts for 1 tod say its just like a little bit overwhelming which gives it a seductive touch.

All the top 3 male perfumes can be bought from scentsation
Versace is 5570/-
Azzaro Chrome is 2500/-
Davidoff is 2500-

All the female scents are not very easily available here. I have only seen Carolina herrera at ebco ranging from 5000 to 7000.

I hope that you find this helpful
Take Care


  1. cool water for women has almost the same scent as the one for men, it indeed is one of the best frangrances ive used. love your blog:)


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