Tuesday, 23 October 2012

O.P.I "blue my mind" review and swatches

Long time no post , just got busy with some sachoolwork , but now i am back with a nailpolish post, and thanks to Anushe , the nail poser!!

First of all , it does not apply streaky or bulgy and a thing with O.P.I nailpolishes is that they last on forever , well not forever really but this one did last for 8 days untill i removed it with a remover , but it did not chip at all. O.P.I nailplishes do not dry out fast , and i love the quantity they offer , its such a huge bottle. The only problem i noticed was that O.P.I nail colors generally are very concentrated and removing them with a remover is a huge mess , its will instead paint your whole finger with that color. But the good side to that is that it requires only little less than a two coats. O.P.I nail colors come with a pricetag of 850 rupees and are available at supermarkets and different makeup shops and spas throughout Pakistan...

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  1. nice review.great colour.electric blue might be a little wild for my taste.but its looking great in the pics so may be i will try it.


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