Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Save or Splurge??

Save or splurge? When i was new to building a makeup collection , i saw all those youtubers with tonnes of mac and urban decay , i would want to buy all that expensive makeup , but then i came to learn that there are lots of things you can , and you should save on and i did feel a alot comfortable with that cuz then i could grow my makeup collection.

Eyeshadow: spend spend and spend away , eyeshadow is the most important part of makeup , investing in it would definitely bring back favourable returns and trust me , cheaper eyeshadows , can be powdery and can have bad color payoff etc , people have to dig up the pan to pack on the color so ultimately your cheaper eyeshadows get used up ten times faster , spending on eyeshadows will give you long lasting results.

Eyeshadow primer/base: Spend!I dont know if its just me but all the inexpensive eyeshadow bases I bought crease horribly

Mascara: this is one item where you can always save up , Maybellline has awesome mascaras and its cheaper than most high end mascaras which are kind of crappier than the maybelline ones.

Eyeliner: Save up , you have alot of variety of eyeliners to choose from , look up for dupes for the expensive one , Milani , Karaja and NYX has some amazing quality eyeliners,

Foundation: Spend, do not risk your skin with crappy , cheap products , they have weird ingriedients such as silicone and parabens and oils , which can cause breakouts. Invest in your foundation , and it will give you a flawless finish.

face Powder: With face powders , you can go both ways, because you already have foundations and other things on your face , and your skin does not absorb powders that fast so i would like to save on face powders

Blush : Save , with blushes too you have alot you can choose from , alot of drugstore brands offer great quality.

Highlighter: Spend , believe me , you need the most perfect formula with highlighters or it can end up to be a disaster.

Bronzer: Spend! I dont know why but i like high end bronzers , just because they look attractive :P , but also they are better quality and more natural looking.

Lipliner: spend! lips need good care or they can become blue due to all those chemicals.

Lipstick: Please please please , try to save on lipsticks , buy NYX and etude , they are great , dont go spending on lipsticks , i do not find high end lipsticks better over cheaper ones. I see alot of women spending most on lipsticks.

Tools /brushes: Spend on these, cheaper brushes shed , leaving bristles on face and makeup , highend ones are soft and definitely better quality , if you do not want to spend on it buy ECOTOOLS , best inexpensive brushes ever...

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  1. Hi Fariya!
    I agree especially about saving on mascaras.... their lives are very short (my mascaras last few months and then they start smelling horrible or drying up).
    On tools, as you,I want to spend a bit more because, for exemple,cheap brushes loose hair or stain so bad.
    I suggest you mineral products, you can find good quality brands for reasonable prices and there are multipurpose products (I have in my beauty collection some mineral blushes that look adorable on lips!)
    I wish you a happy and successful 2013:)
    See you soon
    kisses from Italy

    1. That's actually a valid point , mascaras have a shorter life so spending on them makes no sense. I agree mineral makeup is a very good option.

  2. Great post . Being beauty blogger you need to spend on makeup collection but yes its better to spend intellectually :) .

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  3. hi fariya nominnated you for Liebster blog award here :)


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