Saturday, 5 January 2013

Seven Deadly sins of beauty :D

I did not have anything better to do , so i thought of sharing all this stuff with you guyz , plus i love doing TAGS and stuff...

  1. Greed:

Most expensive beauty Item : I think it would be a perfume (if its considered to be a beauty item) by givenchy , I remember it was $75+ , so its definitely my mot expensive beauty item..otherwise I have recently ordered the UD  vice palette which is 6950 rupees , but i havent recieved it yet , but its my most expensive makeup item

Least expensive beauty item: Its the becute eyeliner pencil , and costs 50 rupees


What beauty product do you have a love hate relationship with : The UD 24/7 shadow pencils. They are amazing but not too easy to use , plus they dry up real soon so there is no time for blending and mixing. Otherwise , they are creamy and dont crease and so on


What is your most delicious beauty item: Since the very beggining to the end , Bourjois bronzing powder has to be it. It smells like chocolate and honey (some weird kind of chocolate), and i feel like eating it because of its delicious smell. 


What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness: I do justice to all my makeup products , I dont even wear too much makeup while going out , but it has to be a bronzer (The bourjois Delice de poudre)


What beauty product gives you most seld confidence: Now i strongly believe that makeup is not something that should alter your confidence level or personality or anything but if i really do have to choose it would be UD urbanglow Highlighter. Highlighter makes your face look fresh and bright and also its just really simple so the simpler , the better

6.Lust :

What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex: I will be really honest here,
First of all his personality , he should be friendly , funny , generous , witty , intelligent and honest.
Secondly his looks, they count alot , a girl could only get attracted to a guys looks if she does not personally know him , his hair , smile , height (should be more than 5,10) , everything counts.
Lastly his financial and social status: I wont lie , but yeah , his financial and social status should be equal to or more than mine. :p

7. Envy

what beauty item woud you most like to recieve as a gift: Any thing Urban Decay or Giorgio Armani or Chanel (makeup only)

So those were my picks.. i hope you enjoyed and would like to tag all of you who are reading this
Take Care

P.S: the pic is from google images...


  1. ok Fsrriya I consider myself tagged ...lolz.I love this kind of posts.OK it was a very interesting post.I had so much fun reading it.As for lust,honey I pray to God you get all you wish for,but being married and all,I felt like I was reading qualities of at least two different men. hehehe.

    One question abt UD highlighter...does it highlight imperfections and pores?

    1. Thanks... No , it doesnt highlight pores , the formula is really light , so it wont accentuate pores


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