Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My top ten most favourite/used products of 2012

Happy new year to all .Well , at the end of every year , people list down their favourite makeup products etc  , so today I am doing a post on my top 10 makeup and beauty products...

So I am listing them in no paticular order ; here are my top ten beauty and makeup products:

  1. ST.Dupont , BLANC perfume

It has the most heavenly scent , it doest feel overpowering and heavy , just the right kind of scent for any age and the packaging is so classy ...Read more

2. Urbanglow cream highlighter in wicked - Urban Decay.

This is a must have if you are into highlighters, it gives you the perfect fresh  dewy looking face and the packaging is Oh so awesome, and to be  honest , anything from Urban Decay has to be my favourite item :p

3.Bite beauty lipgloss in Vintage

This one came in a set by sephora "Give me some lip" , it has to be my favouite lipgloss of all time , everything about this gloss is perfect , the texture , the scent , the longevity , and as you can see im all done with it already :D

4.Benefit posie tint

I am officially married to this product ... JK , but really this is the only product that i wore everyday in a month , it saved me from looking like a tired old zombie hag , when i woke up in the morning with a pale dull face , i'm done with this one too , and it is going to be m first repurchase or 2013... Read more

5.The body shop , pencil stick concealer

The reason I like this is that  it is the perfect match to my mother's skintone , it offers a heavy coverage without patching and clumping or clogging and it lasts  long , all in all it is the perfect concealer , after years and years of testing this is what my mom thought was best.

6.PUPA blush in Cinnamon (No.7)

This one is a tester though now PUPA is available at scentsation , now coming back to its awesomness, it is smooth , long lasting , blends well , no fallouts and makes you look like a flushing fairy , so that means all the features a person would want in her blush.

7.Luscious bold sparkle eyeliner in metallic purple and blue

For the price and quality ,Luscious always nails it , this eyeliner , like any high end eyeliner is smooth and creamy , long lasting and comes in a variety of lovable , eyecatching colors.

8.Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencils , specifically in "sin" and "delinquent"

I dont know why they are in my top ten list , probably because its urban decay , but no , there are a few more things to it , the color selection , the smoothness and longevity , they dont crease either , but the only thing that bothers me is that they dry real soon and its a pain in the neck...

9.M.A.C eyeshadow in "Expensive pink"

This eyeshadow makes my brown eyes pop , apart from that ,it is an easy to use everyday color and it is a unique one too , and my attachment to this eyeshadow can be justified by the fact that it is my frst mac eyeshadow (well it was cranberry but i never really used it at all , except for blogging purposes) , and lastly , i dont have to rave about its quality , i believe everybody is familiar with the qualities that all mac eyeshadows posses...Read more

10. M.A.C 239 flat shader brush

Last , but definitely not the least , the M.A.C flat shader brush (239) , it packs on the color really well , preventing nasty fallouts , and everybody knows mac brushes are good quality and amazing . This year , I lost all my burshes when i was shifting my house (a loss of about 75000 rupees) which is insane , I lost my UD , M.A.C ,ECOTOOLS , Luscious and all those , well this was the only one that was left , lol so this had to be included in my faves , i feel like singing that song "Lonely" by Akon for this brush...

So these were my top ten
I hope you enjoyed
Take Care
Fariya :)


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