Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Illamasqua illuminator (fondle) - Review

Highlighters are a compulsary item in my makeup bag, i prefer them over blushes or any face product for a natural fresh healthy glow , heres my thoughts on this illuminator by illamasqua.

The illuminator comes in a rectangular slim twist tube , like a lipgloss , you might think the the quantity is so little but this pigmented highlighter goes a long way. It has a good color payoff. The reason i bought this is that its warm pink with a golden sheen which is why it blends in with my natural skin color flawlessly giving it a natural healthy glow,its a beautifully unique color. It also applies really smoothly , you have to rub it with your fingers as its a liquid. I dries really fast so if you dont blend it soon it will stain your cheek.The lasting power is disappointing and stays not more than 3 hours....though a primer may help. The price may put you off , its extremely expensive in my opinion. I like the slim packaging for i can always throw it in my purse when i go somewhere and its travel friendly though the applicator is a bit stiff.It doesnt accentuate pores as well. Over all its an average highlighter and didnt make me go crazy over it...You can use this on your cheeks , cheekbones , cupid's bow, eyelids , inner eye corners

Packaging : 2.5
Price: 2
Quality : 3
Quantity : 4
Overall: 3
Will i buy again? No


  • Unique natural and beautiful colour
  • The slim tube
  • Quantity
  • Ease of use
  • The applicator is weird and stiff , kind of useless and harsh against the skin
  • Extremely expensive for what it is
  • If not blended quickly stains your cheeks

This illuminator sells for 2750 at beauty unleashed on facebook or on the illamasqua website for 13 pounds

Hope this helped
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  1. wow good comeback.love the review.DOnt you think it looks like nars orgasm?

    1. Its somewhat close to it , like 60 % , the texture and effect counts too which is not exactly the same

  2. thanks for the honest review.


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