Sunday, 4 August 2013

Where Have I Been?

Dear All,
 A few people had asked me where have i been? First of all I am glad that people do miss my blog posts and secondly I would like to apologize to all those who i could not get back to when they asked for help (through email etc). 2013 has not been a very fruitful year lately , by far an year the most difficult to deal with, things haven't been going as smooth in my personal or social/public life.Even after taking my O'level exams , which every one knows took place twice , the vacations were very stressful ones.Prior to this blog are issues i was/still am dealing with and am unable to spare time for blogging at the moment.
 Though I admit that since the very beginning , being a full time student and having to manage the blog all alone with other laborious burden and personal issues as well,I haven't been a very regular blogger. Blogging is merely a hobby , its a platform where I can share my personal experiences and passion for most of the things i am into , its not my full time job or profession, there are other things in life which needed more of my focus and attention but nevertheless am I concerned about the blog and all i need are your thoughtful prayers to continue as a blogger...
Fariya Khan


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