Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Best of all Brands 2011

This post is all about the best product range of all the drugstore brands as every brand has their own speciality so at the end of the year it is now time to appreciate that speciality...

Best foundations = Rimmel sells the best foundations
Best concealers = Lo'real holds the best position
Best eye-shadows = Karaja , Maybelline , Bourjois
Best mascaras = Ofcourse Maybelline
Blushers= Luscious and Rimmel
Bronzers = Bourjois
Lipsticks = Lo'real , Karaja
Eye shadow primer = Karaja
Eye pencils = DMGM
Makeup Brushes = Luscious and The Body Shop although TBS is not a drugstore brand.

All the brands and the products stated above are easily available at any local drug store , good super market or cosmetic stores. I have just shared my experiences and thoughts about my favourite products. Hope you enjoyed it


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