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Bare Minerals foundation review.

I was going through my blog when I noticed there is not a single review on  any sort of foundation or base makeup. So today I am sharing my first , foundation review (lolz) Well I do not use concealers , foundations (face makeup) at all (surprisingly) . I just can't stand it , blocked pores and need to go through hell taking it off! But its not like that with mineral makeup , its very easy to use with much more benefits . (I do not use mineral makeup as well but maybe at times when I need to take picures for FOTD's).

I have had it for quite some time now (the packaging got scratches on it ) :(

How the brand describes it :
Made with pure, crushed minerals from the earth, bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation looks like a powder, feels like a cream and buffs on like silk, giving skin a natural luminosity. Traditional liquid and cream foundations can look and feel heavy like a mask, but bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation feels as if you are not wearing any makeup at all, yet the coverage is flawless. bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation is free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts. (.3 oz./8.5 g.)

My opinion:
  I am a big fan of mineral makeup. It is much more friendlier to the skin , has less chances of any odd reaction  and is free of most harmful ingredients. It is more healthy for your skin compared to liquid or cake makeup.
  Coming back to the review , Bare escentuals mineral foundation comes in a spectacular range of 26 shades varying from cool to warm tones. Isn't that great to choose from ? Its contains SPF 15 giving sun protection at the same time. The quality is commendable. It doesn't set into fine lines ans pores , has nice pigmentation , gives a good coverage , wears for a long time (7 -8 hours), and doesn't turn grey in a few hours like many other mineral foundations.Plus it is free from reactants and scents which irritate the skin. I have seen many girls wearing (liquid) foundation in my school and its all melting off underneath the sun , turns grey and accumulates and forms streaks on fine lines. I'd suggest a good mineral foundation for them. One more advantage of mineral makeup is that it does not melt off and cause breakouts which are due to bacteria on the face. It gives from light- medium coverage and like they claim , it does not feel "heavy like a mask." although some people feel it does give a full coverage while I cannot agree to this. It does not even block your pores. It is easy to blend as well and has a soft texture .The only problem is it won't last that long, you have to use more product that you should so for me it lasted for about 1.5 year and I do not use it everyday. I like to use it with the Body Shop mineral foundation kabuki brush or the Luscious Duo Fiber brush. I never have any issues with any kid of packaging . I like it as its a twist cap which does not allow more and more product to come out of the holes.
  It comes with a price tag of $26 or 150 dirhams (about 2400) which is quite pricey but i would repurchase it for the quality covers for the price. i scan be puchased frm Ulta and sephora stores or and and bare minerals website

In a nutshell the Pros are:
  • Mineral makeup is better than other states of it.
  • Its ok for young girls to use it.
  • Has a large variety of shades]
  • Soft texture , good blendabilty
  • Last for a long time on the skin.
  • Does not set into fine lines
  • Contains SPF15
  • Medium coverage lets the pores breathe.
  • Good packaging.

The Cons are:
  • Pricey.
  • Lasts for only a year.
Which would be a 4.5/5 or an 81%

Pictures and swatches:

Hope you enjoyed the review
take care

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