Tuesday, 17 April 2012

NOTD fake nails.

I simply hate using nail polishes. I can't live with it and scrape it off the second after I apply it . So i found a way  out. Fake Nails! Although they are equally annoying but are more beautiful and temporary. My nails suck! they are short and square shaped so fake nails are a much better option. I get or order mine from Canada as stamped fake nails are not easily available here . Although you find those as sentiments but they are too gaudy and are not good quality. long untrimmed nails allow bacteria to make home no matter how much you claim that you clean them so again here I thing false nails are a better option as you can remove them after a while. Here are a few designs that I got and wanted to show them!

they have not been applied neatly here but still good enough to give an idea!

hope you enjoyed the post .
take care

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